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... imagine web applications done right

Case Study - Applicant Tracking System

When the Human Resources department at AIM Healthcare, Inc. - a leading healthcare data-mining and medical billing review organization - decided to replace their existing in-house job applicant tracking database with a robust solution, they expected to purchase an off-the-shelf software package that would suit their needs and be within their price range.  After exhaustive research of the current products on the market, they found them either inadequate or overpriced for the solutions delivered.

A Solution Found

AIM Healthcare then searched for a solution provider to produce the desired product that would fit their needs.  There entered Imagicom with it's extensive background in commercial software development and product life-cycle management.  "It is rare that you find technology experts who can not only understand business needs, but can also communicate with you and your staff who may not understand all the intricacies of software design," says Christina White, Director of Human Resources.  Imagicom met with AIM Healthcare's HR group and gathered the required specifications and proposed a web-based Applicant Tracking System using ASP.NET.

The major goal of the system was to make it easy for applicant's to find job's and apply for open positions, while allowing the recruiters the ability to manage a large number of openings and applications.  Averaging 40 open positions, with 50 to 100 applicants applying for a position at any one time, a good system to manage the information was critical.  "Imagicom enthusiastically embraced our project and ensured that we accomplished everything we set out to design," Christina continued.  To date, over 20,000 applicants have applied and use the Applicant Tracking System.  Recruiters have managed and/or hired more than 800 positions.  "Imagicom truly understood what we needed and wanted from an applicant tracking system," said Sabrina Foley, Human Resources Manager.

High Marks - On-Time Delivery - Within Budget

"Our project was delivered on-time and within budget even with several adjustments and additions made throughout the process," were the accolades that Christina gave Imagicom upon delivery of the final product.  What more could a client ask for than a solution that met all the goals, including the bottom line.

Now embedded in the culture at AIM Healthcare, the Applicant Tracking System is a vital tool for the day-to-day operations of the Human Resources department.  Upon completion of the project, Christina White said, "Imagicom will be the first company I call when I need assistance with technology and design."